Electrochromic display device


PURPOSE: To make the counter electrode of the captioned device lower in price and higher in volume productivity and improve its impact resistance by providing the counter electrode comprising coating the mixture of carbon, reactive species for counter electrode and resin followed by drying to the current collector composed of a metal net or metal foil. CONSTITUTION: The porous conductive layer 1 of this counter electrode comprises adding a solvent to the mixture of carbon being the simple substance or mixture of graphite, carbon black and acetylene black powder, powder of transition metal oxides such as WO 3 and MoO 3 , reactive species for counter electrode being charge- transfer complex alone or its mixture and resin, kneading the mixture to paste form and coating the paste on a metal net 2 or metal foil composed of Ti or Al followed by drying. The counter electrode obtained in this way is contained in a tray-type substrate and its lead wire 3 is sealed by resin, whereby the electrochromic display device is constituted. COPYRIGHT: (C)1981,JPO&Japio




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