Afc circuit for am receiver

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Pioneer Electronic Corp
  • Publication Date: December 07, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56158528-A


PURPOSE:To simplify an automatic frequency control AFC circuit of an AM reception section, by introducing the frequency signal of sum or difference of intermediate frequencies IF between an FM reception section and the AM reception section and the IF of the AM reception section to an IF converting means of the FM reception section. CONSTITUTION:An AM signal from an AM reception antenna 12 is converted into an IF signal at a mixer 15, amplified 16 and introduced to the AM side of an FM- AM switch SW3 via a filter 17 and a buffer 19. Further, the local oscillation of the FM reception section fed to a mixer 4 is connected to an oscillator OSC6 via the AM side of a switch SW7. The oscillating frequency of the OSC6 is taken as the frequency of the sum or difference of the IF between the FM and AM reception. The SW3 is connected to the AM side and the local oscillation 14 of the AM reception section is controlled with the AFC signal obtained from an FM detector of the FM reception section. Thus, the AM reception AFC circuit with ease of adjustment can be obtained by a simple circuit.




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