Fluoroscopic photographying device equipped with curved arm

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Shimadzu Corp
  • Publication Date: December 02, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56155937-A


PURPOSE:To shift a protographing device from a fluoroscopy position to a photography position rapidly, by providing the main body, fitted with a curved arm for fluoroscopy, with another arm which amounts the protographing device nearly at right angles to the curved arm. CONSTITUTION:This is equipped with curved arm C having equipment 6 for fluoroscopy at both ends, free swiveling main body 2 fitted with a member supporting the arm C, and another arm 5 projecting from main body 3 nearly at right angles to the projecting direction of curved arm C. Further, equipment 4 for photography is also provided by being fitted to arm 5. As main body swivels separating equipment 6 for fluoroscopy of curved arm C from fixed examination table 3, equipment 4 for photography is rotated towared examination table 3 and a shift between the fluoroscopy position and photography position is made by swiveling main body 2 by about 90 deg..




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