Method for exposure of electronic beam

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Jeol Ltd
  • Publication Date: November 27, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56153732-A


PURPOSE:To reduce the period of time required for detection of marks by a method wherein, when patterning is performed on the region to be patterned which will be used as a standard among a plurality of patterning regions, an electron beam deflection width is computed by detecting the marks which were put on a reference region and the deflected width of other patterning regions is corrected in accordance with the difference in height existed between said region and the reference region. CONSTITUTION:Reference marks M1-M3 are arranged on each of chips T1-T9 of the wafer 8 placed on the stage 12 of a device, a stage 12 is moved by a stage-shifting mechanism 13 when a patterning is going to be performed on the patterning region and the horizontally-directioned position of the chip T1 is set in such manner that the distance between the tip T1 and a length-measuring device 15 can be measured. Then, the distance is measured by the measuring device 15, the signal in accordance with the measured value is sent to an electronic computer, the chip T1 is arranged under the optical axis of an electron beam 6, marks M1, MX and MY are irradiated by a beam 6 and an electron beam width W is calculated by the computer 10 by controlling the gain of an amplifier 11. Also, the difference in height between the chip T1 and other chips T2-T9 is calculated by the computer 10 and the position of the patterning region is corrected in accordance with the difference in height, thereby enabling to reduce the working time.




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