Manufacture of sandwiched brazing material


PURPOSE:To obtain sandwiched brazing material enabling to braze a superhard metal and steel with a sufficient strength, by joining the intermediary metallic plate of different kind through using the same kind of metallic plating as the intermediary metallic plate, when said plate is sandwiched by brazing material and jointed. CONSTITUTION:On the fayed face of brazing materials 3a and 3b with metallic plate 4 of different kind, a metallic plating is performed by using the same kind of metallic plating as the plate 4. Then, brazing materials 3a and 3b are jointed to plate 4 with this plating, and thus sandwiched brazing material 5 is obtained. With this brazing material, the joining becomes extremely easy and the joining strength is also improved. The plating does not produce any void, and by controlling its thickness the plating can be performed in such a way that the plated metal does not form any alloy with brazing materials 3a and 3b or the plate 4. Therefore, when brazing material 5 is used for brazing the superhard metal 1 and steel 2, a sufficient joining strength can be obtained.




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