Balance elevator in press device

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Taihei Mach Works Ltd
  • Publication Date: January 08, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S561298-A


PURPOSE:To achieve the balanced elevation of a moving platen by connecting part of the chain wound to the turning wheels attached with one-way clutches respectively to the moving platen guides protrusively mounted to the four courner parts on the outer side of the moving platen. CONSTITUTION:In a lower ram type press 1, the pile of the plates 23 stacked with plural sheets is suitably placed on a moving platen 8, after which a plurality of cylinders 6 are operated, then the moving platen 8 is moved upward by a ram 7, but at its four corners, the moving plten guides 19 and chain 18 are connected and the synchronized ascending is achieved between the upper turning wheels 12 by means of a connecting shaft 21 and therefore, the platen 8 is corrected to balance and ascends until the uppermost plate 23 reaches the bottom surface of a surface plate 5. Then, the platen 8 is released from the balance controlling and is pressed and clamped along the sloped state of the plate 23. After the pressure clamping, the plate 8 starts desending owing to the reduced movement of the ram 7, but the upper turning wheels 12 freely revolve owing to the action of one-way clutches 11, and since this releases the synchronizing controlling between these, the plaen 8 descends in the inclined state and is then balanced by a stopper 9.




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