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US-9622352-B2: Manufacturing method for component incorporated substrate and component incorporated substrate patent, US-9632518-B2: Thermostat patent, US-9638687-B2: Biochemical markers of red blood cell storage and toxicity patent, US-9656587-B2: Tiltloader for transferring cargo patent, US-9700792-B2: Game device patent, US-9703024-B2: Systems, methods, and apparatus for production coatings of low-emissivity glass including a ternary alloy patent, US-9721341-B2: Methods of obtaining geometry from images patent, US-9743577-B1: Planter for rhizomes and the like patent, US-9797102-B2: Traffic cone patent, US-9822243-B2: Freeze-dried composition patent, US-9831032-B2: Gas-insulated measurement transformer having a separating device patent, US-9840174-B2: Seat backrest for a motor vehicle patent, US-9842990-B2: Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-9868640-B2: Graphene structure and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-RE35926-E: Venetian- or pleated blinds, particularly for multiple pane insulating glass window patent, US-RE38914-E: Dual damascene patterned conductor layer formation method without etch stop layer patent, US-8654213-B2: Imaging device patent, US-8686481-B2: Semiconductor device with an image sensor and method for the manufacturing of such a device patent, US-8710117-B2: Crosslinked core/shell polymer particles patent, US-8728087-B2: Automatically adjusting patella cutting guide patent, US-8736264-B2: NMR logging apparatus patent, US-8748508-B2: Method of forming and the resulting membrane composition for surgical site preservation patent, US-8809297-B2: Anticancer composition patent, US-8836897-B2: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-8854797-B2: Power source circuit shut off apparatus patent, US-8926684-B2: Endoprosthesis stent delivery system and method of using the same patent, US-8957176-B2: Blocked polyisocyanates curing free from elimination products for dualcure systems patent, US-8967390-B2: Filter device, method for its operation and use thereof patent, US-9029466-B2: Resin composition for aqueous coating material, method for producing the same, and aqueous coating material patent, US-9064007-B1: Co-click based similarity score of queries and keywords patent, US-9066331-B2: Radio base station and communication control method patent, US-9112287-B2: Swaging connection structure patent, US-9116121-B2: Second generation low-cost particle counter patent, US-9130180-B2: Image sensor with organic photoelectric layer patent, US-9155362-B2: Clip patent, US-9174039-B2: Impact protection for implantable electric lead patent, US-9191180-B2: Method and device for executing HARQ in TDD-based wireless communication system patent, US-9201581-B2: Visual rules for decision management patent, US-9220556-B2: Balloon design to enhance cooling uniformity patent, US-9238919-B2: Seismic isolation mechanism patent, US-9250631-B2: Continuous flow regulator for vehicle heating systems patent, US-9279568-B2: Illumination device, luminaire and lighting system patent, US-9285107-B2: Retrofit lighting device patent, US-9291192-B2: Connecting rod with bearing-less large end patent, US-9322748-B1: Tissue collection and refining device and method patent, US-9335572-B2: Image display apparatus patent, US-9376076-B2: Method and apparatus for deployment of an air bag patent, US-9419674-B2: Shared filter for transmit and receive paths patent, US-9429351-B2: Demand air door heater for refrigerator patent, US-9435526-B2: LED lighting apparatus with facilitated heat transfer and fluid seal patent, US-9443973-B2: Semiconductor device with charge compensation region underneath gate trench patent, US-9465215-B2: Lightguide with multiple in-coupling holograms for head wearable display patent, US-9471934-B2: Method and apparatus for feature-based presentation of content patent, US-9476730-B2: Real-time system for multi-modal 3D geospatial mapping, object recognition, scene annotation and analytics patent, US-9548306-B2: Method of forming a complementary metal oxide semiconductor structure with N-type and P-type field effect transistors having symmetric source/drain junctions and optional dual silicides patent, US-9548526-B2: Small-size antenna system with adjustable polarization patent, US-9555090-B2: Equine encephalitis virus vaccines and methods of using thereof patent, US-9563543-B2: Test framework extension for testing logic on a modeled user interface patent, US-9564394-B1: Methods and apparatus for reducing spatial overlap between routing wires patent, US-9593476-B2: Combination of vacuum toilet and grey water system functions patent, US-9596148-B2: Minimizing service restart by optimally resizing service pools patent, US-9645639-B2: Apparatus and method for driving touch sensor patent, US-9721415-B2: Magnetic head for banknote detection patent, US-9733041-B2: Disarm mechanism for a crossbow trigger patent, US-9737468-B2: UV protective skin treatment compositions and screening methods patent, US-9793925-B2: Data processing device and data processing method patent, US-9805815-B1: Electrical fuse bit cell and mask set patent, US-9821346-B1: Planar gearing system patent, US-9829242-B2: Refrigeration device patent, US-9886627-B2: Document analysis server for recommending a storage destination of image data to an image processing apparatus patent, US-RE32579-E: Motor operating parameter sensing apparatus patent, US-RE33868-E: Method of fastening drive elements of a hollow shaft patent, US-2014113026-A1: Novel process for producing a cheese with a natural moldy rind patent, US-8648016-B2: Array with extended dynamic range and associated method patent, US-8655564-B2: Driver assistance system for a motor vehicle patent, US-8662932-B2: Connector system using right angle, board-mounted connectors patent, US-8664263-B2: Stilbene compound, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device patent, US-8677571-B2: Hose clamp with rippled spring liner patent, US-8696981-B2: Apparatus and methods for disinfecting spaces patent, US-8697493-B2: Bonding surfaces for direct bonding of semiconductor structures patent, US-8712645-B2: Method and device for managing a turning setpoint applied to at least one turning actuator for the rear wheels of an automobile patent, US-8721056-B2: Continuous multi-nozzle inkjet recording apparatus patent, US-8724481-B2: Field device controlling system patent, US-8739276-B2: Automatic construction of human interaction proof engines patent, US-8739729-B2: Chemical liquid supply unit, and substrate treating apparatus and method using the same patent, US-8749158-B2: Driving a lighting device patent, US-8784620-B2: Method of operating a diaphragm electrolytic cell patent, US-8791578-B2: Through-silicon via structure with patterned surface, patterned sidewall and local isolation patent, US-8805715-B1: Method for improving the performance of messages including internet splash pages patent, US-8825047-B2: Searching and reporting public land mobile networks (PLMNs) in a mobile telecommunications system patent, US-8843971-B2: Digital device system patent, US-8867941-B2: Image heating apparatus configured to control belt-member position in width direction thereof patent, US-8893306-B2: Resource management and security system patent, US-8902641-B2: Adjusting reference resistances in determining MRAM resistance states patent, US-8906461-B2: Rapid drying lacquers containing triblock copolymer for rheology control patent, US-8926008-B1: Portable folding chair patent, US-8948410-B2: Active audio noise cancelling patent, US-8969229-B2: Gas separation adsorbents and manufacturing method patent, US-9008787-B2: Active electrode state control system patent, US-9043113-B2: Drive system having ongoing pull-slip learning patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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